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  1. Gutterball Live at Alte Malzerei on 1994-10-29
  2. Gutterball Live at Loppen on 1994-06-05
  3. Gutterball Live at Big Mama on 1995-06-01
  4. Gutterball Live at Theater Romein on 1994-06-10
  5. Gutterball Live at Magasinet on 1993-10-31

Most Downloaded Items more

  1. Gutterball Live at Huset on 1994-06-06
  2. Gutterball Live at Niederm├╝hlenkamp on 1994-10-21
  3. Gutterball Live at Have A Nice Day Cafe on 2003-01-09
  4. Gutterball Live at Mercury Lounge on 1994-08-20
  5. Gutterball Live at Effenaar on 1993-10-10

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Gutterball Live at Huset on 1994-06-06
CD 1: 01. Long Black Train 02. My Lucky Day 03. Kill The Mockingbird 04. Lonely 05. It's A Fucked Up World 06. I'll Treat You Right Someday 07. 40 Years 08. When The Hammer Came Down 09. Monkey's Paw 10. Yellow Dog CD 2: 01. Still Holding On To You 02. Collision Course 03. Tuesday 04. Carry A...

93 itemsWelcome to Gutterball


Free Gutterball concerts. Trade-friendly Live Music Archive concerts are available for download and/or streaming in formats including mp3, flac, and ogg vorbis.


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On January 12, 2005, Steve Wynn gave permission via Jeff Lester for shows to be hosted at the Archive. This includes various lineups: both Dream Syndicate (prefix ds) and Gutterball (prefix gutter) have separate sections here, while a further Steve Wynn (wynn) section can hold various other material, including Danny and Dusty.


wow, that Archive.Org things is very very cool. I'd be very happy to be a part of it and if you want to get things rolling that would be great. I've always been cool with the idea of taping and trading and, in fact, feel that we would be appreciated by the Deadhead-type crowd so maybe this will give us an introduction to many new people who would like our music...

and Steve also wrote:
I am looking forward to being a part of your website. I know there are a lot of people out there who trade tapes/CDs of my live shows and I think that's great. It's nice to see the music live on after the gig is over.

...I can vouch for the inclusion of Gutterball, Dream Syndicate, Danny and Dusty as well as my own stuff. It's all pretty heavily traded anyway so the more, the merrier.

Steve Wynn's Taping and Trading Policy as of 1/19/2005:

This policy applies to any of Steve's concerts as a solo act (including the Miracle 3 and other acoustic and electric bands like Quartet and Quintet), and Steve's primary bands the Dream Syndicate, Gutterball, and Danny and Dusty.

Audience audiotaping and videotaping is permitted at Steve Wynn shows, but please do not interfere with other fans enjoyment of the shows. The enjoyment of the audience should take precedence over recording efforts, so at no time should tapers ever require
other patrons to be quiet or move or otherwise interfere with their enjoyment of the show. Soundboard taping is sometimes allowed, but at Steve's discretion. Soundboard taping is not desirable at small clubs where the soundboard mix is unbalanced and lacking in guitars. Soundboard taping must be coordinated through Steve, so get in touch beforehand or be present at load-in/soundcheck. Fan recording of Steve Wynn concerts is authorized for non-commercial purposes only. Unauthorized sale, duplication and/or distribution is strictly forbidden. All Steve Wynn performances and recordings are the exclusive property of Steve Wynn.

Official website: www.stevewynn.net

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